The Story behind Kitchenclap

Afzal Riaz khan, Architect & founder of Kitchenclap. “As an architect while designing residences for our clients, the most painstaking part was when i use to get the kitchen designs implemented via a modular kitchen vendor. Individual kitchen vendors lacked in quality, understanding of fundamental kitchen workflows and always provided with poor  workmanship. Determined to provide a better option for residence owners to get their kitchen custom designed as per their workflows & requirements. To give our clients a lasting kitchen, that prioritized – quality raw materials, rigorous quality checks, state-of-art manufacturing & installation, we came up with the idea of kitchenclap. Launched in 2018 in Delhi, Kitchenclap is now a trusted brand in Delhi NCR which specializes in modular kitchens &  Wadrobe.”

Afzal Riaz Khan, CEO/Founder KitchenClap

our mission

Our vision is to innovate in the field of  kitchens in terms of designs, workflows, finishes-materials and  provide our clients with a lasting modular kitchen in a hassle-free way. We aim to ease all process that are required right from the initiation of a modular kitchen project for any home owner from its designs – documentation to finalization and subsequently installation of the modular kitchen. We aim to prioritize – quality raw materials, rigorous quality checks, state-of-art manufacturing & installation so that our finished product is precise, durable and lasts for years to come.  

Meet the Core Minds behind kitchen clap

Ar Rahul Bhaskar

B.arch, M.arch (University of Reading, UK)

Ar Faisal R Khan

B.arch, M.arch (SPA, Delhi)

Ar Imran Chisti

B.arch, M.arch (University of Reading, UK)